BY THE NO. started as an experimental outlet, as an offspring from parenting fashion brand V AVE SHOE REPAIR. BTN was the inhouse brand-name for tests and trials in sculptural design and couture. In 2014 the VASR-brand closed down, but the BTN-brand continued as a stand-alone project.

125 days after closing the VASR brand, a BTN-collection hit the market. The number visible in graphics represents the number of days, hours, minutes and even tenth of seconds the designer was absent with products from the design industry. The numbers now pay as a homage to never give up, to stand up for what is right and to always be true to your self.

Designer & founder – Lee Cotter.

“I live by a set of rules and strongly believe in paying it forward.  The need to grow as a designer is essential, and my entrepreneurial mindset helps me succeed in a fast-paced environment. But the BY THE NO. project is all about slowing the pace down, creating longevity and designing future classics”.